LIBELID is a presentation of a series of songs of love in Yiddish, arranged by Ola Bilińska accompanied by a band of experienced musicians from Gdańsk, Warsaw and Sejny. It is a continuation of Berjokzele album with Yiddish lullabies and evening songs, released by Jewish Historical Institute. The album has been awarded the titles of Folk Phonogram of Year 2014 (by Polish Radio Channel 2) and Folk Record of Year 2014 by web portal. The LIBELID project, developing a series of Yiddish adaptations of Jewish music, begun by Berjokzele, was launched on April 26th 2015 during the final of the festival New Jewish Music in POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. The concert, enthusiastically received by the public, was recorded by Polish Radio Channel 2. On May 5th 2016 a record by LIBELID was released. It was published by Jewish Historical Institute as well.

The compositions comprised within LIBELID programme are a choice of pre-war Yiddish songs telling about various shades and faces of love. In the texts there are clear threads of Jewish customs, which strongly influenced emotional and family lives of the society: paired-off marriages, strong family bonds, pictures of everyday lives – as they were before the Holocaust. On the other side, poems by Debora Vogel, Bruno Schulz’s friend, or Mojsze Lejb Halpern, abound in poetic pictures of universal dimension, where love is not measured by time, customs and origin. The tracks are still surprisingly fresh and accurate, they grab the listener by sense of humour and delicacy of mood.

The musical aim of LIBELID was to create a subtle combination of acoustic and electronic sounds, therefore a modern OP-1 keyboard and looper meet dulcimer, cello or mandolin, and trumpet echoes with electronic effects. The form does not have, however, to shock with modernity, the aim is to create a mood, a proper setting for richness of emotions comprised in the texts: tenderness, passion, rejection, reflection on past or lost feeling. In this kind of musical exorcism, the presence of two women – apart from the vocalist and two men – is vital. Symmetry of energy of both sexes built in this way is not only symbolic. Connection of female and male voices of the band members and sounds balancing between delicacy of “female” instruments – harp and cello – and “male” trumpet and contrabass make the new form of these beautiful songs reflect their content fully and harmoniously.


Ola Bilińska – vocals, OP-1 keyboard, electric guitars, looper
Edyta Czerniewicz – cello, vocals
Katarzyna Kolbowska – harp, vocals
Kacper Szroeder – trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
Michał Moniuszko – contrabass, mandolin, vocals


“Słowianin” Community Centre, 7 Józefa Korzeniowskiego St.
March 26th 2017 | Sunday | 6.00 P.M.