Szczecin Passages (2012)

The first edition of Jewish Culture Days Adloyada was devoted to the marks of Jewish culture in postwar Szczecin and the fates of Jewish diaspora before World War II.

During the festival, particular presentations of Jewish culture were referring to five issues: traditions, customs and Jewish cuisine; art, including Judaica collected in The National Museum in Szczecin; literature showing the output of Anna Frajlich and Alfred Döblin on account of Szczecin cultural bimonthly “Pogranicza”; history of Jews of pre- and postwar Szczecin; film, philosophy and religion.

The first edition was initiated by, among others, Aleksandra Gieczys-Jurszo, who was in charge of its organization.


Program: Adlojada. Szczecińskie pasaże (2012) PL