Astrid Keller (Ewa Sobczak) is a renown German journalist. A stranger woman – Elizabeth Henckel (Ewa Sobiech) – unexpectedly appears at her home. She claims to be a close friend of her aunt, who has lived in The U. S. for years. She talks to Astrid about the past. A regular conversation turns into a dramatic event. Elizabeth tells various versions of some facts of Astrid’s family members. Which of them are the real ones and who is Elizabeth Haenckel in fact? An unusual lady disappears in a mysterious way and leaves her interlocutor confused. Astrid is no longer certain of anything – neither her identity, nor her past. Everything, including even her own life, turns out to be relative.

Read stage tricks by Andrzej Niedoba "Who Are You?"
Ewa Sobczak, Ewa Sobiech (actresses of The Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin)

Kamila Paradowska, Ewa Sobczak, Ewa Sobiech

Teatr Mały, 6 Deptak Bogusława St.
March 20th 2017 | Monday | 5.00 P.M. – 6.30 P.M.