Biography and Testimony (2013)

The second edition of Jewish Culture Days Adloyada was held on the 70th anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and referred to widely understood stream of memory (its generating and proceeding), which takes particular place in Jewish culture and from there spreads onto other cultures and discourses.

The programme included, among others, a debate on Paweł Śpiewak's book Pięć ksiąg Tory (The Five Books of Torah) participated by the author and workshops for secondary schools pupils on interpreting the Holocaust literature, as well, as a discussion panel on the role of diaries written in the Ghetto in the school canon with the participation of Szczecin teachers. Furthermore, two symposia were held. The first of them was related to the 70th anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the second one – to Jewish biographies of artists, collectors and scientists. Another occasion for discussions was a display of documentary film entitled Wybrany (The Chosen One) realized by Weronika Fibich and Adam Ptaszyński, both from Szczecin. During the festival musical events took also place, including a concert of Ton Art Choir and interpretations of songs from Wiera Gran's repertoire performed by Ewa Filipowicz-Kosińska to the accompaniament of Krzysztof Baranowski.


Program: Adlojada. Biografia i świadectwo (2013) PL