Adlojada. Prawo i kultura (Adloyada. Law and Culture), edited by J. Brejdak, D. Kacprzak, J. Madejski, B.M. Wolska, Szczecin 2015

The fourth edition of Szczecin Jewish Culture Days Adloyada was entitled “Law and Culture”. The book contains the results of discussions on works of art in West-Pomerania, of debates on moved and robbed precious collections, of presentations (for a subsequent time) of permanent exposition of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The publication has been divided into four sections. The first of them is devoted to Hannah Arendt, whose 40th death anniversary was commemorated in 2015. This circumstance is the reason for questions about her presence in contemporary culture and scientific discourse. Only recently there were released several books and elaborations according to which Arendt is the base for vital historical recognitions and precious theoretical constructions. The second part contains theses on the Holocaust, including sketches about, among others, Tadeusz Różewicz and authorship laws, and childrens' Holocaust literature with the use of the example of The Diary by Rutka Laskier. The third section consists of texts regarding law in the context of Jewish culture. The publication is completed by a photo gallery by Piotr Piluk entitled  Ślady niemieckich Żydów na Śląsku (The Marks of German Jews in Silesia) in the eye of contemporary documentary photography.


Adlojada. Prawo i kultura, red. J. Brejdak, D. Kacprzak, J. Madejski, B.M. Wolska, Szczecin 2015 PL